Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fear not.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. ~ Luke 2:9,10

Fear not.
Life is terrifying sometimes.
Fear not.

You will find yourself at the mercy of things,
Beyond your control.
Fear not.

People will hurt you,
Often on purpose,
Usually not,
Fear not.

Things will flow past in the river of your life. 
Storms will rain down,
Broken branches will block your way,
Currents will change and hide the channel,
Troubles will wound your lonely little craft,
Fear not.

Though the world  laughs and judges,
Offers you shame, not acceptance,
Though the ones you love doubt you,
And the mystery of things seems to bury you
Let it be,
Fear not.

You are not alone,
You have love in you,
Life that leaps inside you,
At the sound of your name.

Like a weary companion trudges along beside,
With no knowledge or understanding, to guide the way,
You have love around you,
Peace, for which there are no words,
Truth for which there is no proof,
Fear not.

There is a place for you,
Shelter from the cold and the dark,
Not what you might have chosen,
Not what you expected or hoped for,
But a place where you belong,
A place only you can fill,
A task only you can do,
Fear not.

There is a story to tell,
Your story,
A story many will hear, 
And many will not understand.
It is as simple as a box of straw,
And glorious as a choir of angels,
No one else can tell it for you,
Much as they may try,
They will need your voice,
Your heart,
Your song,
The ones who hear,
Will not be the ones you expect,
They need to hear you sing,
Even if you sing off key,
Fear not.

An pregnant girl,
A confused fiancee,
A harried innkeeper,
Shepherds, terrified,
Magi, laden with useless tribute,
A puppet king filled with jealous hatred,
And there among them,
A baby,
The innocent creator of the universe,
God in the straw,

That's what Christmas is all about, Linus.
It isn't about trees and paper and bags,
It isn't about angels and virgins and shepherds,
Not hymns,
Not bells,
Not turkey,
Not pies,
Not doctrine or dogma or history or theology.

The meaning of Christmas,
The true meaning of Christmas is in you, Linus,
It's the love that wraps around you like a blanket,
It's the courage that keeps you going,
The compassion that lets you care,
Christmas is the joy you feel for the blessings you have
And the strength to overcome the blessings you lack,
The meaning of Christmas,
The true meaning of Christmas,
In the face of all logic,
In spite of good sense,
No matter what yesterday's failures have taught you,
Or whatever tomorrow's dangers might be,
Is reckless

And if you can't believe in that, Linus,
You can't believe in anything.

Fear not.

Happy, Holy Day.

Merry Christmas.


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