Saturday, July 06, 2013


Something is lost the first time a relationship requires forgiveness... something you can never get back again.

It is harder to lose a true friend than to lose a lover... a true friend is so much more rare.

A little melancholy never hurt anybody.

Isn't it surprising: that disappointed feeling you get when you look out the window and realize that the rain has stopped?

There are two true things in the universe, and three that never fail:
The road to Hell really is paved with good intentions;
No good deed ever does go unpunished;
A fool and his money were never really that close to begin with.

Where do you get the nerve to say what Jesus meant when you don't have the guts to do what Jesus did?

There are way too many cords and cables in my house... that's an important metaphor for something, but I have to admit it eludes me at the moment.

God knows us for who we really are... maybe that's why we can't look Him in the eye.

Pulling up to someone's house and honking your horn is almost never the best way to call them to the door.

There is no substitute for knowing why you get up in the morning, what you really want from love, or how to make a really good omelette.

I have always preferred romance over reason... romance just seems better designed somehow...

There is nothing quite as liberating as the moment you stop trying to talk yourself into doing something.

Sometimes I am filled with shame and the terribly damaging things I have said and done while positive I was right.

I would trade it all if I could be a rock'n'roll star.

Pity the ones who have let life beat the foolishness out of them.

Blessed are the dreamers, for they shall break their hearts against the universe... and God's love will flow out around their feet.

I would rather fail in love than prosper in fear.


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